Early Summer Kickstarter Update!

Hey guys, hope everything’s well! In case you’re curious what we’ve been up to lately, check out our latest Kickstarter update. Lots of environment and characters in animated gif form, plus a couple of musical tracks.

Click here to read the update. 

Thanks for reading, love you guys!



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June 13th Twitching Hour!

Hey guys, it’s been a while,  but we haven’t forgotten this blog exists, nosiree!

Here’s June the 13th’s Twitching Hour for your viewing pleasure! We talk about, well, a lot of things. Enjoy!

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Stuck In Attic – The Documentary

In case you missed our previous update, we wanted to celebrate the anniversary of our campaign by documenting the month between the 5th of April and the 5th of May, our Kickstarter month exactly one year later. You might remember that we did have a documentary stretch goal that we unfortunately didn’t hit, but we still wanted to give you a glimpse into how we’re making Gibbous and how it’s taken over our lives, with the good and the bad (mostly good, though!). Without any further ado, here it is!

What I’ve really hoped would shine through in this little slice of our lives was that we’re more passionate than ever about making this game the best adventure it can be, and that we really appreciate everyone’s support as we’re building it.

We really had no idea how it would turn out, but we were determined to share it with you regardless. We know about making games, not necessarily documentaries, but it’s better than we expected it to be!

Should you feel it’s a worthwhile view, feel free to share it with whoever you think might be interested in indie game making. Or cats (take a drink every time a feline is on camera).

It’s been a lot of fun to make, but also a lot of extra hours put into filming and editing everything, so I’m happy to just go back to the other million things I’m working on for this game, forget video editing software exists and hope it won’t prominently feature in my nightmares anymore.

Back to making adventure games!

Love y’all. Stay pointy and clicky.

Documentedly yours,


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New Video Teaser!

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn!

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Making Gibbous Music

Hey cultists! Hope your Easter holiday was nice and restful! We’re back in the saddle and working on the game!

Ever wondered how we create the music for Gibbous? Well, here’s a recorded stream of Cami doing exactly that: composing a tune.  Live on Twitch, no less!


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April 12th Twitching Hour

Hey everyone! Here’s the recording of April 12th’ Twitching Hour!

Apologies for the poor video and sound quality. We literally have no idea what happened… Hopefully you can power through it.  We had a lot of fun in this one.


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Tonight’s Twitching Hour Moved to tomorrow, same time, same place

Hey y’all!

We are moving tonight’s Twitching Hour to tomorrow night, same hour (5 PM CET), same channel, because Nicu has a thing he can’t postpone tonight. Thanks for understanding and sorry for the inconvenience!

To make up for it, here’s a kitten making friends with a cameraman:


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New Kickstarter Update!

One year anniversary! Documentary coming up! Whaaat?

Read all about it! 

Also, Ron Gilbert now knows Gibbous exists! Whaaat?

And, speaking of Ron Gilbert, we play the first 5 hours of Thimbleweed Park!


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March 28th Twitching Hour

Hey y’all, here’s today’s Twitching Hour! Recorded earlier on our channel, it’s an hour of us discussing, uhm… Well, I guess rather random things, really – from working on the game to tiredness to, of course, Star Trek. Smaller bag of communist Cheetos this time.  Enjoy.

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Greetings, all! Sorry for posting so late this week, we’ve been busy bees.

We’re pulling hard to get this game done as quickly as possible, ladies and gents, but at the same time we are trying to make sure that it’s an awesome product when it comes out.

Here are a couple of sped-up videos of what we’ve been up to:

Cami paining a backer Case File portrait:..

Myself designing a splash screen:

And a longer dev session with Nicu!

Until next time!

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