AdventureX Wrap-Up Video!

Hey guys! We’ve recently returned from AdventureX  2018, the narrative games convention. Deets in the video below. Spoilers: it was great!

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Liviu on why he chose to make an adventure game ( 2018 talk)

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Best Visuals at DevPlay 2018!


If you’re interested in the long version of the story, check out our latest Twitching Hour, where we ramble a lot about what’s been up:


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Oh my God you guys, we have a Steam page, and what’s that below, a trailer?! Please don’t forget to wishlist us on Steam and tell a friend to do it, too. We’ll need all the help we can get to get the unholy word out about Gibbous!


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Gibbous in Gameinformer!

We were thrilled to make this list of upcoming lovecraftian games. We’re in pretty good company!

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Artists taking over! june 19th twitching hour

Bots will be the death of us. Or at least of our giveaways.

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Video: Recording live violins for Gibbous!

Hey guys! Thought I’d let you know what exciting things have been happening lately in zee world of Gibous.

Yesterday we went into the studio with Rolli, an INCREDIBLY talented local 18 year old violinist. An incredible contribution to the soundtrack – we were absolutely blown away.

He took a glance at the music sheets, and was like “Yo, can I improvise?”. We gave him an enthusiastic go ahead, and… Well, it’s all in the video below, but to give you the tl;dr EVERYTHING is 100% improvised, and all takes were absolutely perfect and will make it into the song as they are.

Truly mind-blowing. We’re super grateful to all our backers for allowing us to afford such jaw-dropping talent.

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Liviu on the backseat designers season finale roundtable!

Hey guys! We were honored to have Liviu invited to the Backseat Designers’ season finale round table extravaganza, along other notable adventure game makers, critics and enthusiasts: Richard Cobbett, Francisco Gonzalez, Charlotte Gore,  Laine Nooney, Katie Hallahan Rahhal, ChristopherSacchi.

It was a fun and crazy time, and you can listen to it all below:

If you’re an adventure game fan, we recommend subbing to these guys, they love adventure games and they’re kind of insane 😉


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May 22nd Twitching Hour – A Very Iron-Deficient Stream

After some time off, we’re back and we talk getting the game done (git’r done!), stress, iron deficiency, bureaucracy and what exactly a harmonium is. Fun!

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Kickstarter Two Year Anniversary Stream!

It’s hard to believe that: 1) the game is DONE, save for cutscenes, polishing up and waiting for voices to be recorded and delivered, and 2) it’s been two years since we launched the Kickstarter!

Two amazing years during which you guys have been the most amazing and supportive backers and fans we could have asked for. Thank you, thank you for your continued patience – we’ve worked so hard because we knew you had our back. Take our word for it – it will all have been worth it!

Cami, Liviu, Nicu, Roxi, Orsi and 3.0.

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