Helping You Kickstart, Part I on Gamasutra

Hey y’all!

So, maybe you remember our game was funded on Kickstarter last year? Thanks again for that, by the way!  Anyway, a sort of post-mortem was long overdue, so instead of just lounging on the beach during my week off I took advantage of that time and started writing a three part post-mortem / video game Kickstarter guide.

Happy to say part I is published (and featured!) on Gamasutra.  Click to read it. 

It’s more of a game development-oriented thing, but might make for an interesting read if you’re a gamer or backer nevertheless. Feels good to be able to put all our experiences, dos and donts, into one cohesive guide, and I really hope it will help other indie developers. Parts II & III coming up soon.

Thanks for reading!



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