Video: Recording live violins for Gibbous!

Hey guys! Thought I’d let you know what exciting things have been happening lately in zee world of Gibous.

Yesterday we went into the studio with Rolli, an INCREDIBLY talented local 18 year old violinist. An incredible contribution to the soundtrack – we were absolutely blown away.

He took a glance at the music sheets, and was like “Yo, can I improvise?”. We gave him an enthusiastic go ahead, and… Well, it’s all in the video below, but to give you the tl;dr EVERYTHING is 100% improvised, and all takes were absolutely perfect and will make it into the song as they are.

Truly mind-blowing. We’re super grateful to all our backers for allowing us to afford such jaw-dropping talent.

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Voice recording session for Luca, the Transylvanian coachman

Today we had some fun with a very talented voice actor!

He can’t speak English, so we had to do this the hard way – translate everything into Romanian, and then write it down phonetically for him. It wasn’t easy, but the results are ace!

Enjoy 🙂

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January 23rd Twitching Hour: New members, and new office!

Hey hey hey! Happy New Year to everyone! It’s 2018’s first Twitching Hour, and we talk about expanding the team, moving into a new space, and how the game is coming along (spoilers: great!).


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