Gibbous running on apple tv! 26th of September’s Twitching Hour, with Nicu and Liviu

We’re really trying to port this damn’ thing to EVERYTHING, aren’t we?

Enjoy the show!

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Autumn Fhtagn – Of Beauty, Backers, Builds, and Betas

…That be the title of our juicy, gif-filled 26th Kickstarter Update.

Here it is, enjoy!

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RoGaNews Interview!

Hey folks! In case you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to lately, and to tide you over until our upcoming Kickstarter update, here’s a lengthy interview we gave to RoGaNews when we were in Bucharest earlier this month.

Click to read interview!

See you soon, stay pointy and clicky!


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September the 5th Twitching Hour!

Hey! It’s that time again… Well, one week early, cause we’ll be at next Tuesday. Exciting! We talk about that, and, uh, a whole lot of other stuff. Check it out.

Peace and Lovecraft!

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29th of August’s Twitching Hour !

What’s up everybody! In case you missed it, here’s this past Tuesday’s Twitching Hour. We had just returned from the party in Cologne, and a bit of Games Com, too.  We talk about all that and more, hope you enjoy it!

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Gibbous on the Lovecraft Ezine Podcast!

You know, the thing about having to both develop your game and handle PR etc means that, whoops, sometimes you update late about what’s been up lately. Sorry about that! Anyway, a month ago I was honored to be a guest on the excellent Lovecraft Ezine, talking about the man himself and his works, how games approach cosmic horror, and obviously Gibbous.

It was a lot of fun, and a genuine honor to be their guest.  You can watch the podcast in its entirety below:

Hope everyone is having a very relaxing or productive summer!


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Helping You Kickstart, Part I on Gamasutra

Hey y’all!

So, maybe you remember our game was funded on Kickstarter last year? Thanks again for that, by the way!  Anyway, a sort of post-mortem was long overdue, so instead of just lounging on the beach during my week off I took advantage of that time and started writing a three part post-mortem / video game Kickstarter guide.

Happy to say part I is published (and featured!) on Gamasutra.  Click to read it. 

It’s more of a game development-oriented thing, but might make for an interesting read if you’re a gamer or backer nevertheless. Feels good to be able to put all our experiences, dos and donts, into one cohesive guide, and I really hope it will help other indie developers. Parts II & III coming up soon.

Thanks for reading!



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June 28th Twitching Hour – The Villaging!

Hey, everybody. Here it is, in case you missed it, June 28th’s Twitching Hour. We discuss the village we live in, what motivated us to make games, life in general, and we’re thrilled with our awesome new mic.


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Early Summer Kickstarter Update!

Hey guys, hope everything’s well! In case you’re curious what we’ve been up to lately, check out our latest Kickstarter update. Lots of environment and characters in animated gif form, plus a couple of musical tracks.

Click here to read the update. 

Thanks for reading, love you guys!



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