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Cthulhu may yet rise, but for now the uncaring universe just makes a very cynical cat start talking.

Darkham, with its crooked gambrel roofs, dark alleys, and a past shrouded in secrecy, never really was a welcoming place, but nowadays? Kooky cults are popping up everywhere, and that most evil book, the Necronomicon, is spoken of in trembling whispers once more.

Detective Don R. Ketype is on the case to retrieve the mysterious evil tome, but unsuspecting librarian Buzz Kerwan stumbles upon it and accidentally transforms his cat, Kitteh, into a walking, talking abomination. Being humanized? Quite a downgrade.

The three set off on a globe-trotting quest to turn Kitteh back to cathood, uncover greater conspiracies and darker forces at work, and try to figure out the secret behind the Necronomicon’s incommensurable power.

  • Classically-inspired adventure game with a modern approach
  • Fluid frame-by-frame traditional animation
  • Over 60 hand-painted HD environments inspired by Transylvanian architecture and nature
  • Contains the most genuine Transylvanian accent in games and media, like, ever
  • Moment-to-moment humor, but darker arching plot
  • Over 60 fully voiced crazy characters
  • Over 12,000 lines of spoken dialogue
  • World-spanning detailed locations, unique item combination responses for just about everything
  • More than 4 hours of original soundtrack featuring live instruments
  • No cutesifying or making fun of the Old Ones, praise their Dark Names
  • Lovingly made near Vlad the Impaler’s birthplace
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