February 20th Twitching Hour – The Evils of Glucose

Cami, Orsi and Liviu sit down and talk about what’s been up with the game lately, how Gibbous is almost content complete, and the EVILS OF GLUCOSE!


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This week’s Twitching Hour (February 13th)!

Hey guys! Here’s our latest Twitching Hour, in which Nightbot refuses to cooperate (again!), we show off some neat Kitteh gameplay, and, uh, we complain.

A lot.



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February the 6th Twitching Hour!

Iiiiit’s the new and improved, couch-centric, weekly Twitching Hour! We talk Gibbous, adventure game puzzles, episodic games, and more.


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January the 30th Twitching Hour

We talk voice over related craziness, how 3.0 has been dodging her antibiotics, and more!


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Voice recording session for Luca, the Transylvanian coachman

Today we had some fun with a very talented voice actor!

He can’t speak English, so we had to do this the hard way – translate everything into Romanian, and then write it down phonetically for him. It wasn’t easy, but the results are ace!

Enjoy 🙂

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January 23rd Twitching Hour: New members, and new office!

Hey hey hey! Happy New Year to everyone! It’s 2018’s first Twitching Hour, and we talk about expanding the team, moving into a new space, and how the game is coming along (spoilers: great!).



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Gibbous running on apple tv! 26th of September’s Twitching Hour, with Nicu and Liviu

We’re really trying to port this damn’ thing to EVERYTHING, aren’t we?

Enjoy the show!

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Autumn Fhtagn – Of Beauty, Backers, Builds, and Betas

…That be the title of our juicy, gif-filled 26th Kickstarter Update.

Here it is, enjoy!

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RoGaNews Interview!

Hey folks! In case you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to lately, and to tide you over until our upcoming Kickstarter update, here’s a lengthy interview we gave to RoGaNews when we were in Bucharest earlier this month.

Click to read interview!

See you soon, stay pointy and clicky!


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