April 12th Twitching Hour

Hey everyone! Here’s the recording of April 12th’ Twitching Hour!

Apologies for the poor video and sound quality. We literally have no idea what happened… Hopefully you can power through it.  We had a lot of fun in this one.


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Tonight’s Twitching Hour Moved to tomorrow, same time, same place

Hey y’all!

We are moving tonight’s Twitching Hour to tomorrow night, same hour (5 PM CET), same channel, because Nicu has a thing he can’t postpone tonight. Thanks for understanding and sorry for the inconvenience!

To make up for it, here’s a kitten making friends with a cameraman:


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New Kickstarter Update!

One year anniversary! Documentary coming up! Whaaat?

Read all about it! 

Also, Ron Gilbert now knows Gibbous exists! Whaaat?

And, speaking of Ron Gilbert, we play the first 5 hours of Thimbleweed Park!


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March 28th Twitching Hour

Hey y’all, here’s today’s Twitching Hour! Recorded earlier on our channel, it’s an hour of us discussing, uhm… Well, I guess rather random things, really – from working on the game to tiredness to, of course, Star Trek. Smaller bag of communist Cheetos this time.  Enjoy.

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Greetings, all! Sorry for posting so late this week, we’ve been busy bees.

We’re pulling hard to get this game done as quickly as possible, ladies and gents, but at the same time we are trying to make sure that it’s an awesome product when it comes out.

Here are a couple of sped-up videos of what we’ve been up to:

Cami paining a backer Case File portrait:..

Myself designing a splash screen:

And a longer dev session with Nicu!

Until next time!

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March 14th Twitching Hour – Gibbous, Star Wars and communist cheetos

Here it is, folks, the VOD for March 14th Twitching Hour.

As usual, please bear with us for the first few minutes while we scramble to un-archive a build and start a conversation… It gets a little more comprehensive later on 🙂

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New March Mini-Update!

Hey y’all! Posted a mini-update up on Kickstarter – it’s to do with our newfangled Twitch schedule, Discord, you know, that kinda stuff. Check it out here! 

Also, don’t forget there’s a Twitching Hour tonight at 5 PM CET / 6 PM GMT+2, so see you live on Twitch!


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Finally, stream schedule is here!

Well, it took  a while, but we finally decided on a neat li’l stream schedule, so you can have a very general idea of when we’re live on twitch making zee Gibbous. So!



…on our newly renamed and rebranded Twitch channel, twitch.tv/gibbousgame.

And here’a a graphical representation, too, for some reason:

Jot it down in your calendar, slap a sticky note on your monitor, and we’ll see you on Twitch!

Until then, have another video of Cami painting a backer portrait!

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Twitching Hour, 28th of February!

Hey y’all!

In case you missed it earlier, here’s our Twitching Hour, recorded live on our Twitch channel! We shoot the proverbial sh** about Gibbous, what it’s like for Nicu to stream daily, Cami’s backer portraits, David Hasselhoff, Nicu’s sudden infatuation for one of our backers (oh my!) …and we discuss a possible week-end special Chocolate-making and game-playing stream. Whaaat? Stay tuned for more on that!


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Twitch channel name change, more dev streams, and twitching hour tonight!

Hey, what’s up everybody, Liviu here bringing you up to date with the latest developments in the Gibbous universe (where universe = an attic in Tirgu Mures, Transylvania, Romania).

In case you missed out on them, Nicu has been streaming every day starting 4 PM.  We’ve uploaded his first stream on our  youtube channel, but we probably won’t be uploading the rest because they’re kind of spoilery.  In case you don’t mind and would still like to see Nicu build the game, tune in every workday from 4 PM and see how it’s made!

Speaking of which, important news: Twitch finally let us change the username for the channel! What was initially my personal twitch channel became the game’s, so we changed it to reflect that: www.twitch.tv/gibbousgame. Unfortunately, Twitch won’t redirect the obsolete one to the new one, so please make sure to update your bookmarks accordingly.

Today’s gonna be a special double header day – Nicu streams development starting 4 PM CET, and then we transition into the Twitching Hour starting 5 PM CET.

And I leave you with a sped-up video of Cami painting two more backer portraits!

See you live.


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