Painting A Background From Scratch and Other Stuff

What’s up everybody! It’s Monday, so here I am bringing you up to date with what’s been up in Gibbous land (spoilers: a lot of work!) .

First of all, Friday I did a first-ever stream where I started a background for Gibbous from scratch. I usually start streaming when I’m already in the rendering phase, because usually the sketching, looking up references etc. are not that exciting, but this particular background didn’t really need research so it was a go.

Here’s a very sped up version of that stream for your enjoyment:

…and, if you really want to go in depth and watch the entire 3 hour stream, you can do that over here. 

Other than that, I’m still heavy into painting backgrounds. This week-end was the first one I finally took my kick-ass borrowed Cintiq 22HD home, so it was super-productive: took a background from 50% to completion, and another one from about 5% to 30% complete. Good week-end, nice progress!

Cami has since started working on the case file caricatures of the backers, and I’m loving the ideas that people came up with for their dossiers – some of them seriously cracked me up.

And while all this is going on, Nicu is continuing to implement complete rooms into the game, adding custom light and shadows and tweaking them, and we’re putting in the puzzles together. Gibbous is becoming more and more of a real game each and every day, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Well, that’s about it for me. I only slept around 10 hours this week-end, so it’s time for me to go get my 3rd big-ass cup of coffee for the day and return to doing what I love most.

But before I do that, there’s a blog I wanted to mention. If you’re a fan of adventure game art -‘course you are! – you’re probably a fan of the excellent Wadjet Eye Games, makers of the Blackwell Legacy and so on.

Well, Ben 304, their super-talented artist, has a blog of his own where he features and analyzes adventure game art.  I think it makes for a fascinating read, be you an artist or a player of these games, and I’m thankful he’s taking the time to research and write it. Don’t miss out on it, it’s great stuff.

See you guys next post!

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