Discord is not what you think it is. Also, join ours.

First of all, I stopped capitalizing words in my titles.  We don’t do that in Romania, I don’t know how that works, I’m accepting my ignorance with serenity.  Let’s move on.

Second of all, Cami will be doing an art stream today at 14:OO CET on our regular channel.  She’ll be working on portraits for the Case Files, so make sure to tune in for that.

Third of all,  do you want to stay up to date with the development of Gibbous in real time? Or you want to just shoot the proverbial shit with us? Well, it’s crazy times we’re living in, friends, because now you can do it via the friendly (yet unintuitively and not so friendly named) Discord app.

To be quite honest with you, I had no idea what Discord was or what it was good for until literally a few hours ago, but from what I can gather it’s like a… sexier Skype? I think. Either way, you can either use it online, as a downloadable app or on your phone and join our server called Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure by clicking this nice permalink:


It’s free, anyone can join. All we ask is that you be nice to everyone else and try not to spam more cat pictures than us developers do, that is considered a faux-pas around here.

Apparently Anthony Kiedis is my long lost brother


It has the added advantage of me instantly letting you know if something major such as a civil war in Transylvania or myself streaming art is going down, so there’s that.

There might be disclaimers about it to add here but, frankly, I’ve only used it for like an hour tops and I could barely figure out enough of it to change my profile pic. The typing and pasting links part is intuitive enough, though.

Doesn’t discord mean people not getting along or something? Is there an extra layer of irony I’m missing? I’m old.  See you on Discord, I guess.



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4 Replies to “Discord is not what you think it is. Also, join ours.”

  1. Maybe it went something like this…
    – “Hmmm, ‘discord’… what exactly is that a fancy word for, anyway…?”
    – “well, it’s sort of like an argument between people…”
    – “…but they’re talking to each other, right? Like a discussion? You know, ‘connecting people’, only edgier…? That’s what we do, I like it! Let’s run with that!”

  2. It looks like this page is auto doing all caps in the title. I was confused. You said you didn’t do caps, but it was all caps, but when I set up RSS, it looked proper upper and lower case.

    1. Well, didn’t exactly want to point it out, but yeah I had been carefully capitalizing titles and only realized it was all caps before hitting “publish” on this latest post 😀 Now it’s out!

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