Twitching Hour, 28th of February!

Hey y’all!

In case you missed it earlier, here’s our Twitching Hour, recorded live on our Twitch channel! We shoot the proverbial sh** about Gibbous, what it’s like for Nicu to stream daily, Cami’s backer portraits, David Hasselhoff, Nicu’s sudden infatuation for one of our backers (oh my!) …and we discuss a possible week-end special Chocolate-making and game-playing stream. Whaaat? Stay tuned for more on that!


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2 Replies to “Twitching Hour, 28th of February!”

  1. Yay, GUUUSTAAAAAF made it into the blog – that is so great. By the way, Liviu, you are really getting good with updating the “important announcement thread” and “blog updates”. My alert pops and I don’t miss a thing anymore. Thank you 🙂

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